ICE - such marking would easy the work of all rescue members...

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ICE - In Case of Emergency


In case of life threaten or emergency, our family members do not what has happened and where we are. Different rescue workers – medical rescuers, policemen, firemen and people who intervene at the scene of an emergency, frequently face the difficulties when have to contact with family members or relatives of the victims.

Mobile phone is frequently the only thing found at the victim. Quick contact would help to obtain such information as blood group, drugs, medical history or allergies...
Italian rescuers suggested marking telephone number in a special way, what would enable contact with family members in case of emergency.
According to the Italian rescuers, such information could be placed under the international abbreviation ICE
The abbreviation means "in case of emergency"
Such marking would easy the work of all rescue members.
Those, who would like to put more information about their relatives in their phones, could mark them as presented below:
ICE1 mother
ICE2 father
ICE3 son
ICE4 sister































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