II Międzynarodowy Kongres Polskiej Rady Resuscytacji


2nd International Congress
 of the Polish Resuscitation Counsil


Dear Sir/Madam                                                                          Cracow, 23rd June 2005

On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committee I would like to warmly welcome the Participants, Lecturers and Guests to the Second International Congress of the Polish Resuscitation Council in Krakow, which will take place under the Honorable Patronage of Konstanty Radziwiłł, the President of the Supreme Medical Council.

More than three years have passed since the founding of the Polish Resuscitation Council and the establishment of close co-operation with the European Resuscitation Council (ERC). We now find ourselves as a result among those nations which are achieving world standards of education in the field of resuscitation. Moreover, during these three years the Resuscitation Guidelines 2000 have been widely disseminated and popularized and a team of instructors have been trained to the highest possible European level with regard to the teaching of basic and specialist resuscitation treatment.
Since medical resuscitation is rapidly changing under the impact of advances in science the coming Congress will be a harbinger of the new Resuscitation Guidelines 2005, which will be published in November this year. The lecturers at the Congress, the majority of whom will be personally involved in preparing the new Guidelines, will discuss what are today the most important and at the same time also controversial problems of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation as well as look at expectations regarding both clinical practice and general instruction in resuscitation including primary school education.
The Congress will be preceded by ERC-certified ALS, BLS/AED, EPLS and ILS courses as well as a GIC instructors’ course. An International instructors’ Day will be held in Poland for the first time, during which ERC instructors will exchange experiences and prepare a instructional conversion program concerned with the new Resuscitation Guidelines 2005.
The end of June is also a special time to visit Krakow and its surrounding areas and take advantage of our city’s unusually rich cultural assets, which we wholeheartedly encourage you to see.

We hope you have a pleasant and fruitful stay in Krakow.


On behalf of the Organizing Committee








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