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Motto of the Congress:

How to increase survival
in sudden cardiac arrest


  1. Inter-hospital and out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest

  2. Life-threatening states – diagnosis and management standards

  3. Acute coronary events

  4. Injuries, haemorrhages, shock – fluid resuscitation

  5. Resuscitation of children

  6. Role and activity of medical rescuers in the health-care service

  7. Clinical toxicology

  8. Catastrophes – management of mass intoxications

  9. Comas – survival after resuscitation, vegetative state

  10. Role of psychologist in care of patients after cardiac arrest and in care of the family

  11. Role of hypothermia in therapy of the life-threatening states

  12. Monitoring of the respiratory and circulatory system. Defibrillation safety

  13. Transport of patients in the life-threatening state and after resuscitation

  14. Education as the element increasing patients’ survival

  15. Role of Internet – stimulation of the Internet society, Internet as a source of knowledge

  16. Simulation as a tool of education in giving aid to patients

  17. Cooperation with Supreme Medical Council, Regional Chambers of Physicians and the Polish Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy

  18. Role of medical publications in the knowledge development with particular consideration of management in the life-threatening states