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ILS Course /Immediate Life Support/ is a certified course of European Resuscitation Council /ERC/ and Polish Resuscitation Council.

Aims of course:

·    Standarisation of existing procedures of interhospital action in case of cardiac arrest.

·    Medical personnel training in range of basic life support, instrumental airways supply and safe defibrillation / manual as well as using AED/.

·    Medical personnel training to enable a proper action with patient in state of cardiac arrest, to the moment of resuscitation team appearance.

·    Training of resuscitation teams members.


Addressees of course:

The course is directed to the medical personnel /nurses, medical rescuers, medical orderlies/, whose range of abilities covers advanced life support, but however does not require such intensive and advanced trainings like, for example, the ALS course.



·    Preparations before the course: each participant is given handbooks for the course /at least two weeks before the course/ with command of familiarization with its content.

·    The course lass one day. The exercises are led by ERC-ALS instructors and candidates for ERC-ALS instructors. Number of full instructors be at least 50% of the „faculty” course. Practical skills are passed during exercises using the technique of „four steps”. They are carried out In group up to six persons, when on one group fall two instructors. Maximal number of participants of the course is thirty persons /five groups for six persons/. The course involves lectures, working stations and scenarios simulated on manikins adjusted to performance of advanced life support (venal access, mechanical ventilation, intubation, possibility of arrhythmias generation, defibrillation performance).



Is performed on the basis of forms, filled during the continuous evaluation on the course. A positive mark from the course is connected with obtainment of ILS certificate of European Resuscitation Council. Period of certificate validity– one year.