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BLS /Basic Life Support/ Course and AED /Automated External Defibrillation/ is a certified course of European Resuscitation Council /ERC/ and Polish Resuscitation Council.

Aims of course:

·    Training of pre-medical rescuers in range of basic life support and external automated defibrillators service.

Addressees of course:

·    The course is directed to persons without medical training.

Program of course:

·    Preparations before the course: each participant is given handbooks for the course /at least one week before the course/ with command of familiarization with its content.

·    The course lasts two days. One-day training is also possible – BLS-AED only without instructor course. First day, divided into two parts, is devoted to basic life support - injured recognition in state of the life threat, artificial ventilation (facial mask use, facial scarf), chest pressing, algorithm of action in case of presence of foreign body in airways, the recovery position /4 hours of exercises/ and automated external defibrillator service with elements of BLS /4 hours of exercises /. Each of mentioned parts begins with a lecture and finishes with a credit. Presented contents are in concordance with the actual guidelines of ERC. Training is led by instructors of Polish Resuscitation Council. Standard training expects the exercises in groups of 6 persons falling on one instructor. The second day is Instructor Course. An approached subject matter on the course is adults training techniques. Elements of the lectures, exercises, educational shows and examining are presented on lectures and during the practical exercises. After two days of the course a decision about persons who, in concordance with standards worked out by ERC, fulfil the criteria of „Instructor Trainer”, is made. Such persons after caring out at least two courses under supervision of two older instructors become the independent instructors. Number of participants on the course is maximum 30 persons /5 groups for 6 persons/.


Is made on the basis of filled during a continuous evaluation on the course. After positive finish of the course, the participant obtains a certificate of Polish and European Resuscitation Council valid two years. After this period a recertification course should be made.


Polish Resuscitation Council begins organizing the basic life support (BLS) courses.

The subject matter of the course will include also training on automated external defibrillation (AED).

We invite on BLS-AED courses in the whole Poland!


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