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ALS Recertification Course

Aims of course:

Reminder of theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to carry a proper action in range of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in adults and in situations of cardiac arrest threat.


Addressees of course:

The course is directed to persons after ALS training before the expiry date of the five-year period of certification. On the basis of this one-day lasting course it is impossible to obtain a recommendation of „Instructor Potential”.



  1. Preparation before the course involves delivery of the actual handbook, with valid attachments, with command of familiarization with its content. Pre-test is sent together with the handbook. This is a test of choice which aim is to evaluate a level of initial knowledge of the candidates. Its result does not influence the final mark on the course. The candidates are expected to posses a knowledge and competencies in range of basic life support.

  2. The course lasts one day. Involves lecture during which the guidelines with changes from the last five years are presented. Working stations concerns safe defibrillation and airways supply. During the exercises the scenarios simulated on manikins adjusted to performance of advanced life support (venal access, mechanical ventilation, intubation, possibility of arrhythmias generation, defibrillation performance) are used.


At the end of the course a theoretical credit - test of choice - is carried out. The practical credit involves a test of basic life support, airways supply and exam scenarios which enable the candidates to present their abilities.